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By 81st Assembly District State Committee Member Morgan Evers

I am pleased to give an update on the September 2022 session of the Democratic State Committee which took place in Albany, NY. As the female  Democratic State Committee Member from the 81st Assembly District, I am proud to have signed onto two important resolutions that were presented to the state party at the meeting. Resolutions voted on at state committee meetings, if passed, are added to our state party platform. Unfortunately, the following resolutions did not pass. The resolutions committee, whose members are all selected by our party chair Jay Jacobs,  recommended that all state committee members vote no on these two resolutions. 


The first resolution I co-signed would have implemented ranked choice voting in all New York state elections, such as the elections for assembly members, state senate, governor, etc. We already successfully use ranked choice voting in New York City for city-wide elections. This resolution would have used the same voting and tallying process in state-wide elections. Ranked choice voting is an important initiative to promote fair and equal representation for all New Yorkers.  I am disappointed that this resolution did not pass, but

I remain committed to advocating for this important electoral reform.

The second resolution that I signed onto was a resolution to urge the legislature to pass the Build Public Renewables Act. This important legislation would have allowed the New York Public Authority to build large-scale renewable energy projects quickly, affordability, and democratically. This initiative is crucial for protecting our planet and environment. It would also have allowed the New York Power Authority to sell low cost energy directly to residential customers with a discount for low to moderate income New Yorkers. I am saddened to say that this resolution also did not pass. However, I will continue to push for sustainable energy and environmentally-conscious policies in the future. To learn more about the Build Public Renewables Act visit:


As a new member of the New York State Democratic Committee,  I am proud to work alongside many like-minded individuals who share my vision for fresh leadership for the party and working tirelessly to elect Democrats at every level of government. However, I need your support to help lift up the voices of the Northwest Bronx.All state committee member votes are weighted based on voter turnout in their assembly districts  for the governor's election that takes place every 4 years. Please show up to the polls in every election and vote on the Democratic line. Together, we can continue to move the party forward.

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