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Club Statement on the Hamas Attacks 
on Israel—October 2023

The Unity Democratic Club condemns the recent horrific and violent attacks by Hamas in Israel. We have been heartbroken to watch the news reports of the unspeakably heinous acts perpetrated by Hamas on Israelis of all ages. In shared grief, we recognize our own loved ones in the stories coming from the region. At this painful and shocking moment, we must be clear to separate the acts by Hamas and Palestinian civilians and to not lapse into anti-Muslim sentiment. We stand with all innocent victims in the region and condemn those here and abroad who are celebrating death and the attacks and using antisemitic tropes to stoke more hatred.


At this time, we reach out to local community members who have family and friends currently in danger in Israel and Gaza. As members of a diverse and loving community that is the northwest Bronx, we celebrate shared humanity in the Middle East and in our own community. We call upon world leaders to work towards peace and commit to the principle of protecting civilian lives and well-being.

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